Brand Promise

1 - We deliver products that comply with international standards (IS) as well as Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in quality assurance. LED lighting, used for -either residential or commercial purposes should conform to IEC/CIE standards of Colorimetric Illuminants and we strictly adhere to the same. Our product is marketed under the brand name “Community Luminaries” (CL) – LED bulbs/tubes lights/ceiling lights/spot lights/street lights/garden lights and many many more

2 – Our solutions in the wellness realm are the research products, developed and proven to be effective by two times Nobel laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling and his ex-colleague Dr. Mathias Rath. After Dr. Linus Pauling passed away, Dr. Rath went forward with his noble mission of transforming people’s lives with simple supplements as therapy. This is a virtual revolution in the health industry and we are proud to represent this noble benefactor of humanity by providing his wonderful bio fuels that fire the engines of the living man. Our motto “nurture healthy human beings for a healthy India”.

3 – The present solar energy industry in India uses converters, which are costly and have limited life span. We plan to introduce converter-free solar energy -systems, with significantly lower cost and maintenance cost comparing to existing solar-powered generating systems.

4 - Every four months we will introduce a revolutionary new product.