This is our Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with lofty dreams for our nation. We intend to conduct root cause analysis of the issues facing the society rather than render help to individuals. Due to narrow and selfish minds of the majority of leaders present in all political parties and organizations, cultural retrogression has afflicted our society. In addition, existing NGOs are groping in the darken, not understanding the real issues. The average promoters of such institutions are pandering to their thirst for quick fix solutions, immediate result and instant gratification of their hankering for recognition. The end result- real problems are not attended to.

           For e.g., if a child is found abandoned and crying woefully in the street. Anybody would understand that the child is hungry and an orphan to boot. The average person will give the child some money or food; traditional charitable organization may offer shelter, food, education and may be later find a job for the grown up, if the charitable organization is genuine. Here the crux of the problem is not addressed and more and more orphans are created in our glorious “Civilized Society”, which is a business continuation for such person, organization, communal and political parties. Going to the core, we zero in on the two hapless human beings (a male & female), who beget the child and orphaned him; they are responsible for the crime. Our task is to find out why the child had to become an orphan. A couple, if they are civilized, should never ever allow the birth of a child destined to become an orphan. Who is responsible for this situation? Why did they do this? Is it possible for the biological parents to take responsibility for the child? Rip open the fabric of society and expose the rampant hypocrisy (lessons can be learnt from past mistakes so that future citizens will not repeat the crime).

           In postmodern society we claim that we are “civilized” but we are always fighting with each other like animals for petty benefits. If you drive a kilometer on our roads, you can see how depraved and arrogant people are, acting like hungry wolves in a pack. Now-a-days the situation is much worse – wanton greed, selfishness, arrogance, illegal activities, bribe taking, etc., are quickly transforming our society into a bastard culture of acquisition and conquest. If this state of affairs continues, our next generation is doomed and we will find people ferociously fighting with each other like tribal societies in sub Saharan Africa. Another example, you look around any one of the bus station/railway station/a public place like hospital/office, where the people are wait to get a service. There are no one respect the first comer, it is very simple, and everyone can identify how many are waiting there before him. In such place people act like blind. Once the bus/train arrived or a counter open rushing their like a bad creature (even this cannot see among of the many hungry animals), healthy and arrogant one will reach in first, just for a seat or a service. The first comer, who is respecting others, old ages, weaker are getting fail to their deserved priority. Are you thinking such action is fare? Any organization teaches them for improvement or respects others; then, how we can be proud that we are civilized. There are similar several issues to be addressed, since man cannot see his face, where he need mirror to see his face or a good friend be a mirror for him. We can be others mirror voluntarily.

           A typical case study: An officer, who is caught red-handed on corruption charges by the anticorruption bureau, is allowed to hibernate as the court case drags on interminably over several years. If he is street smart and cunning enough he will be back in service with all statutory promotions and increments with the cast iron backing of trade unions and political bigwigs. A simple thought – if no one is ready to give bribes, how will anyone be able to give a bribe. Why are people ready to give bribes? It is only to get things done faster or to achieve something illegal or to get preferential treatment due to urgency and mostly due to arrogance and money power. The real culprit is the bribe giver, because he thinks that his money can achieve anything. No officer joins in service in the belief that he will get bribes; society slowly pulls him into the quagmire of corruption. Therefore, change education is urgently required for our countrymen to act as responsible citizens and respect to our brethren; this is not the way forward for a balanced and sane society. Another problem is the tyranny of recommendations, both over the table and under the table. Even God is not free from this menace; it is quite common to give bribes to pujaris to get closer darsans and fast aradhanas. The arrogance of corruption has spread its ugly tentacles even into the altars of the divine. Recently, a smart neighbor of mine went to Sabarimala to offer prayers at the shrine. As soon as he reached home he told me proudly about the help he got from a police officer of DySP rank, who helped to avoid the long queue, over taking the teeming thousands thronging the temple, and got a rare darsan of the deity for a whole ten minutes. I looked him in the eye and asked him if what he had done was fair. He ruminated for a while and confessed that he had made a mistake and promised me he would never repeat it.

           This is ample evidence to prove that people are not intrinsically bad; they just need proper advice and that is chronically lacking in our society. These are just few examples given to illustrate the malaise afflicting our society; we have a long and dreadful path ahead of us, plenty of issues to attend to; maybe we need a cultural revolution to reengineer society and make model citizens out of ordinary flesh and blood people. That society which is built with bricks of honesty, integrity, principles and values will be a society that the whole world looks up to, to emulate and establish. Let us all strive hand in hand to transform our country into one such exalted nation which would be the envy of the international community.